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About YEAL

1st Annual YEAL Forum The Young Entrepreneurs Association of Laos (YEAL) was formed under the auspices of the Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union in 2005 and is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization whose mandate is to support young people in business and to help drive the nation forward. To promote inclusivity, YEAL is aimed at business owners aged 45 and under. It provides members with an opportunity to learn from each others' experiences and take advantage of peer mentorship as they grow their businesses.

Our member-run, non-profit association is the ideal community for young entrepreneurs, both new and veteran, across Laos who want to expand their personal and professional network. YEAL members represent the best of Lao businesses. They understand personal sacrifice, risk-taking and hard work and YEAL provides them with a unique opportunity to connect with those who also appreciate the special challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.
1st Annual YEAL Forum
In recognizing the high failure rate among young startups, YEAL seeks to foster the growth and flourishing of such businesses. We are a group of people who support one another so that our example will encourage others to do the same.

We aid our members by organizing social and professional events that focus on networking and mentoring. The events provide a platform whereby members can find solutions to common problems. We tackle issues on fund-raising, human resource management, marketing and sales promotion and various other topics that face young entrepreneurs in the business place.

We provide an international network of resources. YEAL members often attend professional and social events that are held in collaboration with entrepreneur associations of other ASEAN (+dialogue partners) nations. Members are able to meet relevant people with experience and skills that members would not otherwise meet.

The value of a support network is not to be underestimated. Having peers with whom you can share your concerns and experiences is one of the many valuable benefits of being involved with YEAL.

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