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There are how many years in a Decade?
What is 8% in decimal?
How many months have 30 days?
How many sides does a Decagon have?
What is the mean of 19, 26, 39, 48 and 53?
If Ruth’s is 29 years old in 2021. What was her age in 2009?
Simplify: 3x + 12 = 24. What is the value of "x"?
A bus took off for Lofa at 22:07 and arrived at 07:42 the next morning, how long did the journey take?
Simplify the expression 4m + 5 + 2m - 1
Jamie’s dad is 4 times older than Jamie. In 14 years time, Jamie’s dad will be twice the age of Jamie. What is the sum of Jamie’s age now and Jamie’s dad’s age now?
Which of the following lines passes through the point (2, 5)?
Which of these lines is parallel to the line 2y = x + 7
What is the remainder of 21 divided by 7?
What is 9% equal to?
I am a number. I have 7 in the ones place. I am less than 80 but greater than 70. What is my number?
What is the value of x if x^2 = 169?
If 6 is 50% of a number, what is the number?
Area of a parallelogram whose base is 9cm and height is 4cm is ……….. square cm.
Which least number should be added to 2600 to make it a perfect square?
A car covers a distance of 200km in 2 hours 40 minutes, whereas a jeep covers the same distance in 2 hours. What is the ratio of their speed?


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