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You are taking this very lightly, ______ your mother is dead serious.
My parents suggested ______ apply for the job.
My grandmother used to make her children _____ up their beds every morning.
Joe showed me photos of his new car, _____ he bought last week.
When you end up in prison with no friends left, only then _____ realise that all your thieving has been for nothing.
When I stopped _____ to him, he was repairing his watch. We had a good chat.
I asked Jane about the accident, but she _____ a word.
My teacher had difficulty ______ my handwriting.
If you ______ to see Mary, could you say hello to her for me?
______ the people I interviewed, one in ten said they had already lied to someone that day.
I'm sure he _______ being around my ex-husband.
If you _____ mind waiting, I'll call and check if Mr. Owen is in.
Where ____ Samuel and Benson?
The boys or the girl ____ to play the match.
What is the past tense of (bleed)?
What is the past tense of (bet)?
What is the past participle of (bear)?
What is the past participle of (begin)
Walking is good for students. Walking is a ______.
The thief was sent to ____ prison.
My teacher _____ me a message.
Choose the correct sentence.


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